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Year End

Get ready for the most sensational event of the dance season - Dance Barre's End of the Year Concert!

It's the extravaganza you've been waiting for, where each class will proudly showcase the routine they've worked on throughout the year.

Step into a world of absolute professionalism and unparalleled energy as our talented dancers take the stage at Windsor’s Chrysler Theatre. With creative choreography, dazzling costumes, from graceful ballet to energetic hip hop, our Concert brings an evening of entertainment like no other.

Our End of the Year Concert is a testament to the hard work and commitment of our dancers and their teachers. Families will celebrate a year's worth of dedication, hard work and growth.  Our Concert is truly a special evening, where our dancers are the celebrities of the night! 

From ⅘ Combo, through Advanced, each class will perform at the year-end CONCERT at the Chrysler Theatre. Each class will perform in one of four shows. To be well-prepared and confident, dancers must also attend one Dress rehearsal at the Chrysler theater. Our rehearsals and Concerts take place the last week of May.

Dance Barre

4530 Rhodes Dr. Windsor ON N8W 5C2 CANADA